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HSD Staff Car Parade!

Updated: Apr 15

Attention Harrisburg Families: We Miss You!

We can’t be together right now, but we are thinking of you every day! We would love to see as many of our students’ and families’ faces as we can, all while social distancing and staying home, staying safe! That is why Harrisburg School District staff has decided to do a car parade past as many students’ homes as possible!

Harrisburg School District Staff Car Parade

Thursday April 16

starting at 1:00

Staff will be driving by homes on the parade route shown on the back of this sheet!

This is definitely not going to be a traditional parade, though! We ask that all families stay on or in their own property. Stay in your yards or driveways, on your porches, or even wave from the window of your home if you can! If you do not have direct access to the parade route from your home or property, consider sitting in your vehicle along the route and waving from inside your vehicle! Whatever you do, please do not gather with people from outside your home!

Look for the school bus heading your direction to signal the start of the parade! Staff will not be stopping, throwing items or getting out of their cars—those who are able to participate will be driving by, honking, waving, or displaying signs from their vehicles as a show of support! We are all really excited for this safe way to connect with our community and show you all how much we care during this unusual time!

We hope you are healthy and safe, and we hope to see you soon...from at least 6 feet away!

HSD Staff Car Parade Route

  • Starting Point: HHS – North Parking Lot

  • Turn Right out of HHS parking lot onto 9th

  • Turn Right on Lasalle St

  • Turn Left on S. 6th

  • Turn Left on Priceboro Dr

  • Turn Left on S. 9th St

  • Turn Right on Siuslaw

  • Turn Right on S. 11th St

  • Turn Left on Priceboro Dr

  • Turn Left on Summerville Loop / Kramer Ave

  • Turn Right on 6th

  • Turn Left on Lasalle St

  • Turn Right on 3rd (Hwy 99)

  • Turn Left on Fountain St

  • Turn Right on S. 2nd St

  • Turn Right on Territorial St

  • Turn Right on N. 3rd (Hwy 99)

  • Turn Left on Smith St

  • Turn Left on N. 7th St

  • Turn Left on Erica PIace

  • Turn Right on Erica Way

  • Turn Right on 7th St

  • Turn Left on Arrow Leaf Place

  • Turn Right on Arrow Leaf Avenue

  • Turn Right on 9th St

  • Turn Left on Diamond Hill Rd

  • East to Diamond Hill RV Park


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